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TeslaSynhron - The Revolution Of Health.

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Tesla Synchron - Energy. Relaxation. Health. Joy.

During regular exercise, you will have significantly more energy, and at the same time it is right direction for the normal functioning of brain cells and the balanced functioning of all internal organs.

  • Foot and hand massage – active exercise in a dynamic sitting position.
  • A recommended daily exercise of 15 minutes brings the same benefits as an hour-and-a-half-long walk in nature.
  • Suitable for all ages, also for people with a weaker constitution, reduced mobility or body balance issues; also recommended for athletes to relax after a strenuous practice.
  • The benefits of regular exercise are increased levels of energy in the body cells, increased efficiency of the kidneys, the heart and the rest of internal organs.
  • Regular exercise considerably reduces physical stress and eliminates the risks of long hours in a sitting position.
  • Very easy to use and maintain.



Based on the discoveries of Nikola Tesla and the principles of this brand we created a new device for carrying out exercises in a sitting position. Exercises can be carried out anywhere, at home, at work in front of a computer etc.

The Teslasinhron device is built on the basis of years of research, experience and insights, which allow a modern man to change sitting from passive to dynamic with movement and physical exercise. It allows movement of both legs, similar to walking, movement of both hands, similar to Nordic walking. It is easy to put together. Exercise is also suitable for weaker, physically restricted and those with balance problems and it is recommended for athletes to relax after strenuous training. The recommended exercise time is twice 15 minutes a day, six days a week.


TeslaSinhron consists of two independent pedals with massage rollers. The connecting member allows setting the direction of rolling the feet of the massage rollers from parallel to movement at different angles. Lateral movement strengthens internal thigh muscles, and medially external. The combination of stepping and rolling is unique because it strengthens the swords, ankles, increases the responsiveness of the foot arch and the mobility of the hips. The presence of magnetic field force on the pedals is always in the direction of the north to south. Crossing of these forces ensures ideal operation for the membrane or so-called ion pump.

TeslaSinhron provides a unique way of pleasant daytime physical exercise at home or at work.

Rolling and stepping is movement, exercise and reflex stimulation at the same time. Pay attention to proper sitting when exercising. Physical exercise prior to eating food significantly reduces the presence of blood sugar.

The minimum exercise time is at least five (5) minutes and should not exceed 30 minutes. The effects of a 15-minute exercise can be compared with a 1,5 hours walk in nature.

Exercise visibly releases tension in the body, it brings pleasure and freshness to the face. The new device allows training that follows all the principles of ergotherapy, that is, movement therapy and exercise.

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